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Bolduan (CNN)

New anchor on CNN this morning –- what’s her deal? Selected revelations of Paul Farhi’s story about CNN’s new morning star, Kate Bolduan:

— It’s pronounced “Baldwin.”

— She’s married to Michael Gershenson, an exec with private-equity giant Carlyle Group, who looks cute.

— Just eight years out of GWU, she rose really fast through the ranks, but her former WRC mentor Pat Collins insists she’s just that good. Young-Katie-Couric good, in fact: “There are things you can’t teach or can’t buy. . . In a few years you’ll be watching her in the evening.”

— She’s the CNN reporter who initially got the results of the Supreme Court health care ruling wrong; and she graciously does not blame the off-air staff who fed her the bad info.

— Her mother was criminally charged in two catastrophic accidents, one of them just last year. Bolduan declines to discuss: “I wouldn’t ask personal family questions, and I wouldn’t expect you to talk about it.”

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