Welcome to Dublin! (Ricky Carioti / The Washington Post)

Brief news from here and elsewhere:

In what should be a mandatory stop for all Dublin tourists, Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama met up with Bono and his wife for lunch. (Irish Times)
Earlier: Michelle Obama on visiting Dublin’s Trinity College

Lolo Jones opens her mouth and more controversy comes out — this time, a perceived dis against her Olympic bobsled teammates. (Early Lead)

The Susan G. Komen Foundation picks a new CEO to replace Nancy Brinker. (Washington Post)

Pshaw, the Pentagon spokesman wasn’t kissing up to the “Zero Dark Thirty” filmmakers — he uses that line with all the Hollywood folks! (In the Loop)
(Earlier: Panetta’s hopes for “Zero Dark Thirty” revealed in emails)

We suspect someone’s just having a little joke with In Touch Weekly about Kanye West pushing to name the baby “North,” but it’s a pretty good joke. (In Touch Weekly)

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