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Briefly: Dolce & Gabbana, Paula Deen, have bad days in court

Brief news from elsewhere:

Arrivederci? Superstar designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana might end up in jail after they were convicted in Milan Wednesday on charges of tax evasion — an alleged $267 million they failed to declare to the Italian government. They plan to appeal. (AP) Read more: Milan court convicts designers Dolce and Gabbana of tax evasion with 1 year 8 month sentence

Paula Deen acknowledged using racial slurs — though not in “a very long time” — while being questioned for a lawsuit from a former restaurant staffer who accuses the foodie celeb of a hostile workplace. When exactly? In the 1980s, she said, when describing a man who held her up at gunpoint, according to a transcript filed this week in federal court. In a statement, her lawyer said Deen “does not condone” such language and looks forward to her day in court. (AP) Read more: Paula Deen says in lawsuit questioning that she has used racial slur but doesn’t tolerate hate
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