The duchess at a ship-christening last week. (Chris Jackson / AFP/Getty Images) The duchess at a ship-christening last week. (Chris Jackson / AFP/Getty Images)

Yes, the royal baby will be announced on Twitter — but not before an old-fashioned birth notice is posted, by hand, in front of Buckingham Palace.

To assuage the hoards of reporters preparing a battle plan for the former Kate Middleton’s labor and delivery next month (what if it comes early like the Kardashian baby — are we ready???), the palace dished out some What To Expect When the Duchess of Cambridge Is Expecting tips this week.

The Telegraph reports that she is planning on a natural childbirth, rather than a Caesarian. And while Prince William intends to be there for it, he’ll only have two week of paternity leave before he returns to his squadron in Wales.

We the public will not be informed the very moment she is headed to the hospital; instead, the palace plans to withhold this information until she is settled into her room in the early stages of labor, perhaps an hour after her arrival, AP reports.

And when the baby finally comes? A royal aide will deliver the news — the gender, weight and time of birth typed up on Buckingham Palace letterhead — to a royal driver, who will take it from the hospital to the palace, where it will be posted on an easel out front for the public to see, same way it was done in prior generations. And only then it will go out via electronic media.  “It’s important that this is done with a degree of dignity and with half an eye on the historical significance” of the occasion, an unnamed palace official told the Telegraph.

That’s the first anyone will know of the baby’s sex: Officials maintain that even William and Kate have insulated themselves from that information. And the name? Hold your horses — in due time. AP notes that the public wasn’t informed of William’s name until a week after his birth.

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