Brief news from here and elsewhere:

That “North West” rumor from Life & Style crops up again, but this time on TMZ. Still not buying it. Does it sound like a Kanye/Kim kind of name? But wait! Both People (which is generally very cautious) and E! (which employs her) say they’ve confirmed it as well. Hmmm. Well, okay, then. “North West” it (maybe) is then. Supposedly they plan to call her “Nori.” (TMZ, People, EOnline)

The FBI takes the unusual step of denying that they were investigating Michael Hastings. (L.A. Times)

Barbra Streisand seemingly endorses Hillary Clinton during a Tel Aviv concert, which probably goes in the “well, duh,” category. (New York Post)

Just another 90-year-old billionaire whose 42-year-old girlfriend has adopted a baby, what’s the big deal?  Viacom mogul Sumner Redstone’s reps don’t see how it’s any of your concern. (New York Daily News)

John Dingell finally gets to try out Google Glasses: “This is quite a machine!” (Post Politics)

Looking for today’s Reliable Source? Start here: Rep. Joe Kennedy brings the family business back to D.C.