Peggy Olson’s on the corporate speaking circuit — who knew? Indeed, one of the star attractions at a two-day PR/marketing conference at Maryland’s National Harbor this week was “Mad Men” star Elisabeth Moss.

Elisabeth Moss at the Vocus “Demand Success” conference at National Harbor. (Mark Wilkins)

Strange to see a well-regarded young thespian doing the corporate-speaking thing? Maybe, but everyone in Hollywood is looking for extra income these days, and maybe this is more dignified than doing whiskey ads in Japan or making paid appearances at private parties.

Moss, 30, was hired by Vocus, producers of a software tool for PR types, to hold forth at their annual conference. (“We wanted to make our conference stand out and create buzz around the event,” a rep told us.) The actress, who plays a young woman trying to make it in the male-dominated advertising biz of the 1960s, was there ostensibly to talk about women and marketing, but she seemed comfortable admitting that she couldn’t tell her audience of PR folks more than they already know. Could she compare and contrast working conditions for women in the ’60s versus today? Moss gently reminded the audience that she merely plays an office worker on TV. Did she brush up on the ad game to prepare for the role? Nope, she said, — but Peggy didn’t know anything about advertising either before she stumbled into it.

Useful? Maybe not. Crowd-pleasing? Definitely. Our witnesses said the packed room was rapt for an hour. Moss gamely mingled at a VIP reception later, where the only awkwardness was the guest who just happened to be wearing the same cute red-white-and-blue striped minidress as the star. Vocus reps declined to say how much they paid but said they’d happily hire her again.

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