Sen. Rand Paul (Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images file photo)

Did he cross a line?: Sen. Rand Paul is making fat jokes about the Capitol Police.

The outspoken Kentucky Republican was keynoting the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual gala Thursday when he mocked the “charade” shut-downs of the sequester: Many  Senate entrances have been closed, but the Capitol police officers guarding them haven’t been furloughed, he said, just “reassigned.”

“So I’m imagining in my mind, this really large room with a lot of doughnuts,” he said to laughs and groans from the audience at the J.W. Marriott.

Too far? “Actually, that’s kind of mean — so I retract that,” said Rand, who praised the Capitol Police’s “important function” but mocked President Obama, the executive branch, wasteful laws, regulatory agencies, the IRS and public sector unions who contribute to political campaigns: “There is a question whether you can get a fair shake from a government employee.”

The Bond-themed gala, which honored CEI founder Fred Smith and new head Lawson Bader, raised more than $1 million for playful libertarian think-tank’s bottom line. “We are basically a blend of the Ivory Tower and the Island of Misfit Toys,” quipped Bader.

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