— Harry Styles and at least some of his One Direction bandmates dining at Oceanaire Monday night. Party of 10 that included some parents/chaperones and pals. (Which One Direction guys exactly? Well, that’s totally Harry in the red plaid, and we know he was out later with Niall, and that sort of looks like Louis on the right. . .  Beyond that, a blur of haircuts. Sorry!) Sat at the Captain’s Table in the middle of the main dining room of the downtown seafood restaurant, and yet were undisturbed, unmolested and seemingly undetected by the throngs of fangirls stalking them around town since their D.C. concert Sunday.  Lemonades and sodas all around and a few seafood appetizers though they went the steak route for the main course. Harry and Niall later resurfaced at the Rolling Stones show. (Update: Turns out a bunch of the guys in this photo are from One Direction’s opening act, Aussie boy band 5 Seconds of Summer.  Thanks for your help. Carry on, now!)

(Courtesy of Oceanaire)


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