Brief news from elsewhere:

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. (Todd Williamson / Invision/AP)

Well, you’ll never believe what happened last night. Alec Baldwin lashed out. . . at a journalist. . . via a profane Twitter rant. . . threatening violence. . . and then disabled his Twitter account! No, we swear, this is a new story. Details: The star was infuriated by a Daily Mail story claiming Baldwin’s wife tweeted through James Gandolfini’s funeral service and tweeted a threat to “put my foot up” the reporter’s “[expletive] [expletive],” and also called him a “toxic little queen.” Well, did she tweet from the funeral? No, apparently she left early. (Gawker, New York Daily News)

Arenas back in his Wizards days. (Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

This one will make you nostalgic. Gilbert Arenas got in trouble. . . while spending a ton of money. . . on something endearingly childlike . . . but kind of stupid. Details: He was arrested in L.A. with a literal truckload of illegal fireworks; released after posting $100 bail. Kind of sweet to have him back in the news, if only for a day. The former Wizard is playing ball in China these days. (L.A. Times)

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