“All these things that you think of when you’re a teenager, you could think, well, I would have liked to have done that. But that’s completely pointless. I don’t feel frustrated for lack of control at all and I’m very pleased with what I’ve done. Obviously, you would have liked to have done — everyone wants to have done more things in their lives.”

Mick Jagger in 1964, back when it wasn’t too late to turn it all around. (Terry O’Neill / Getty Images)

— Mick Jagger, on the cusp of 70, looks back at the roads not taken. In a BBC radio interview, he says might have otherwise become a school teacher or a journalist. “It’s a slightly intellectually undemanding thing to do, being a rock singer, but, you know, you make the best of it.” (Earlier: Jagger on NSA, President Obama)

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