Yes, she actually used the classic Marilyn Monroe line during her controversial performance for Turkmenistan strongman Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow. In a video posted on YouTube over the weekend, we see evidence of Jennifer Lopez’s fairly elaborate concert: Snippets of several hits (“Get Right,” “On the Floor”), a half-dozen backup dancers, and a couple of costume changes. She even gave the customary yes-I-know-where-I’m-performing-tonight shout-out: “Turkmenistan!!!”

Lopez apologized Sunday for the show, saying she would not have performed in Turkmenistan had she been aware of human rights issues in Bermiduhamedow’s administration. Read more about Bermiduhamedow’s track record at World Views.

Update: Lopez’s manager told TMZ that she didn’t go to Turkmenistan to perform for the dictator — that she was doing a corporate gig for China National Petroleum Corp., and on the spur of the moment, an organizer asked her to sing Happy Birthday to Bermiduhamedow. For what it’s worth.

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