Rebecca Liddicoat and RGIII. (Jason Merritt / Getty Images)

Brief news from here and elsewhere:

You know your Las Vegas bachelor party is pretty mild when the only anecdote Page Six can squeeze out of it is the fact that you asked the nightclub DJ to play hip-hop instead of house. Reminder: Robert Griffin III gets married this weekend. (New York Post)

It is as startling to realize that Pierce Brosnan had a daughter as old as 41 (he adopted Charlotte and her brother after he married their mom) as it is sad to learn that she just died so young, of ovarian cancer. (People)

Pharrell Williams and have gone to federal court over a dispute over whether Will can try to block Pharrell from using variations on the phrase “I am” on his Web site. No, really. (Reuters)

Dumbest headline we clicked on today: “Dog barfs on Christie Brinkley.” No, don’t do it! You know there’s no more to the story than that. (New York Post)

Looking for today’s Reliable Source? Start here: Pitbull, rapper and charter-school advocate, gets the party started at education conference