Everything seems to be slowly getting back to normal for Paula Deen — at least in her social media life.

Paula Deen (AP)

After two weeks where her normally chatty Twitter account was grim silence punctuated by terse crisis-management missives, the troubled celebrity cook burst back to folksy life Monday: “What are y’all growing in your garden this summer? Here’s an easy salad for all your fresh ingredients. . .”

And this afternoon, she promised to see y’all soon in D.C. — at the Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show, one of the few big partners that has pledged to stick by her. Organizers said last week that they’d happily keep her on their roster (“we are taking her apology at her word. . . this is a nation of forgiveness and second chances”) — and Deen today said she’s still planning on taking her show on the road with them.

After stops in Houston and Dallas, the Washington show will come to the convention center Nov. 2-3. Want to watch Deen’s one-hour presentation? That will be $95. For brunch and a Paula photo-op? $140. For all of that plus a bag full of Paula goodies and primo seats and access to the “swanky Chill Lounge” — you know, the Paula VIP Platinum package — a mere $500.

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