Kevin Durant (Garett Fisbeck / AP)

Brief news from here and elsewhere:

Kevin Durant is engaged! Kevin Durant is engaged! And it’s a homegrown love affair: The OKC Thunder star’s betrothed is a fellow D.C. area native, WNBA player Monica Wright, a very under-the-radar relationship until now. Is this “the first time two All-Met players of the year from the same season have ever gotten engaged”? Probably. (D.C. Sports Bog, Early Lead)

Charles Saatchi gets out ahead of the story, announces that he is divorcing Nigella Lawson before she might possibly do the same. Blames her for not defending him publicly after those tabloid photos that looked like he was throttling her in a restaurant; claims she does the same thing to him all the time. (AP, Mail on Sunday)

Place your bets on the royal baby name, gender, date of birth, and which parent will be holding him/her in the first official photo-op, etc. (Style)

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