Our photographer colleague Rebecca D’Angelo goes to a party every week and does her thing for a regular feature in the Sunday Style section called The Scene. Last week it was the “7-7-7 Fashion Show” hosted by VIP Exclusive and Mid-Atlantic Lambos on June 29 at the Italian Embassy. Want to invite her to your party? Email her at thescene@washpost.com.

Models walk the runway.


Saxophonist Ski Johnson, Isi Nedelcheva of Botanicus, and Patrick Wilson of Generations Visa Service.


S. Kumar of IPGDC, and Anna Akopyan of the Justice Department.


Catharina Hegardt and Cecilia Browning.


David Nguyen, Jason S. Kampf, and Crystal Boyd and Tiane Yo.



Cheyanne McDuffie and Divina Salamone, whose husband owns one of the cars on display, when asked what she does she happily replied “I just married a rich guy!”


Peter Chaalan, president and CEO ACUCARE Health Strategies Inc., with Suzette Y.G. Manduley, who works in cybersecurity.


D.C. Councilman Vincent Orange.


Maria Piazzola, Ben Corson, a philosophy professor, and Marta Hanson, an architect.


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