So perhaps you’ve heard? RGIII got married on Saturday in Colorado. The superstar quarterback and the Redskins organization have been very quiet about this and haven’t provided any photos or details — but our colleagues at D.C. Sports Bog diligently reported through the holiday weekend, working the phones and combing through social-media posts, and here’s what we know:

The bride: Well, it looks like she wore your typical big white dress. Alas, this was the one wedding where no one was paying as much attention to the bride, at least judging from the photos posted on social media, which are remarkably groom-centric. Update, July 9: Okay, thanks to the makeup artist, finally we have a bridal photo of Rebecca Liddicoat.

The wedding party: The men, in dark suits, wore hot-pink vests and ties, according to this photo from Griffin’s high school pal William Mallow, that matched the bridesmaids’ off-the-shoulder pink cocktail dresses. At least five attendants on each side, judging from this photo. Griffin’s dad was his best man, Liddicoat’s sister her maid-of-honor. Griffin’s mom also wore hot pink.

Guests: A few hundred, including Redskins owner Dan Snyder and several others. Dan Steinberg has a lot of the key names. (Here’s a gallery with more.)

The rehearsal dinner: At Coach Mike Shanahan’s Denver steakhouse, of course.

The toast: The groom urged all the guests to get up and introduce themselves to someone they don’t already know, telling them that they’re all family now.

The gift registry: Massive yet filled with modestly-priced items, an early giveaway that this wedding would be big and yet dominated by regular folks from the bride and groom’s early lives, not necessarily a bunch of NFL millionaires.

How he proposed: In 2010, the night after a big college game, with candlelight and a song he wrote himself.

Their new house: Griffin in May closed on a $2.5 million mini-mansion in Aldie, Va.

The aftermath: Before they departed on their honeymoon, Griffin posted on his Facebook page a goofy video of himself (in a Hulk mask), his wife and a friend amateurishly rapping a song about Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops. Apparently it had been on YouTube for months but no one had previously linked it to them.

The reenactment: In the absence of any official video or photos from the wedding, a news team from WUSA-9 set about to mock-reenact the blessed event. It’s even weirder than Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops.

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