J.K. Rowling (Bill Haber / AP)

Brief news from here and elsewhere:

— That detective novel by first-time author “Robert Galbraith” was just too suspiciously good, and indeed, J.K. Rowling now confesses that she wrote it, pseudonymously, to see what it was like “to publish without hype or expectation.” (Stephen King pulled off a similar stunt in the ’80s.) Of course, her agent and editor were in on the secret; could she have published it if she were truly an unknown? (AP)

— As fans await some official news of what happened to Cory Monteith, the speculation begins. TMZ claims the just-out-of-rehab actor was knocking back beers a couple days ago; People says he seemed healthier and happier than ever late last week. Meanwhile, his co-star and on-off girlfriend Lea Michele is asking for privacy. Also: Cory Monteith obituary; his best Glee songs; Cory Monteith, overnight star open about struggles

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