Also in The Washington Post:

So many rich details in Laura Vozzella’s story about Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell, the primary gift-grabber in the scandal now engrossing her huband’s administration — who comes across simultaneously down-to-earth, grasping, endearingly unpolished, naïve, and self-absorbed.

(Laura Vozzella / The Washington Post)

The charming part: They met as teenagers at a party in Annandale, when the future governor asked a friend, “Who’s the girl in the yellow jeans? . . . Tell her I want to marry her tomorrow”; three years later “he popped the question in a Camaro parked in an Alexandria grocery store lot over a four-pack of ‘cheap ale.’” Aw!

The poignant part: Hosting Richmond socialites for lunch early in her term, Maureen showed up dressed way more casually than her guests and snuck upstairs to change; later she was so busy chatting she neglected to lift her fork to cue the women they could start eating too. Breach of etiquette!

The warning sign: Unhappy with how a mansion maid was cleaning the bathroom, she stripped to her underwear to scrub the floors with bleach herself then ordered two professional staff members to do the same!

Just go read the whole story: Va. first lady plays central role in gift scandal

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