So what did Jay Carney do this past weekend?: At a White House press briefing Monday, the indie-rock devotee informed reporters that not only did he take his 11-year-old son to see Paul McCartney Friday night, he also took his wife, Claire Shipman on Saturday to see “a local band, U.S. Royalty, which brought down the house at this place off of H Street, N.E., where all the kids go, apparently.”

U.S. Royalty (Ryan Wakeman)

Who are they?: U.S. Royalty, a D.C.-based band said to evoke The Killers and Fleet Foxes. Their catchy debut album (and impeccable fashion sense) gave them next-big-thing buzz in early 2011 that didn’t quite pan out; with a new album due out in the fall, they played before a packed (hot, crowded, sweaty) house Saturday at Industry Gallery.

What did Carney think of them?: “Very cool. . . Seriously, U.S. Royalty. You’ll be hearing from them I’m sure.”

Carney (AP)

And we know this. . . why?: Because White House press briefing transcripts include all that extraneous hey-how-was-your-weekend banter. Surprisingly useful.

Some connection here we don’t know about?: We’re told that Carney’s son takes music lessons from U.S. Royalty’s guitarist, Paul Thornley.

What else?: You can do your own research, but we’ll leave you with one of their slick 2010 videos as well as a more recent, low-fi Marvin Gaye cover taped on the Mall.

U.S. Royalty – Every Summer from U.S. Royalty on Vimeo.

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