Theresa Nolan and Tom Dugan at their July 1 wedding. (Courtesy of the Nolan Family)

Married: Theresa Nolan, 82, and Tom Dugan, 76, in a church ceremony in Bethany Beach, Del., just before the July 4th holiday. She’s the retired Prince George’s County Circuit Court judge known as a local legal pioneer (only the second woman in the county named to the bench), unflappable jurist — and oh yeah, the judge who had 11 kids before she even went to law school! That one! Still kind of a legend in Upper Marlboro, 13 years after she retired. She’s now a consultant active with the non-profit Walking With Anthony, which aids victims of spinal-cord injuries. Her groom is a retired financial planner from Bethany Beach. Excellent how-they-met story: They first crossed paths 30 years ago when one of his three children appeared in her court on a driving infraction; when Nolan showed the young man some mercy, the elder Dugan called to thank her. A couple years ago, they reconnected at a St. Patrick’s Day dance on the Delmarva shore, and the rest was history.

See a Washington Post profile of Judge Nolan at the time of her retirement in 2000: Judge Teresa A. Nolan: 11 Children, 15 Years on the Bench, Onto Next Challenge, 8/31/2000

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