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Please join the Reliable Source weekly online live discussion today at noon. Thank God Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton have finally made peace. Maybe you don’t need connections to get a White House internship, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Matthew Perry never went through drug court, but he’s become a devoted booster. Eliot Spitzer has nothing to say about the current status of his marriage. Stevie Wonder will boycott “stand your ground” states — what exactly does that entail? Cute couple alert, D.C./L.A. division! Teresa Heinz Kerry is doing better but still no word on what happened. President Obama doesn’t eat that much candy, White House chef assures dismayed children. Congresswoman will break own record by having third child while in office. Big week for musicians to namedrop politicians, and political types to namedrop musicians. Does Adam Levine have a type or what? And R.I.P. Cory Monteith.

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