Yes, this old photo from a ship-christening in June. Sorry, she’s been lying low, hasn’t given us anything new to work with! (Chris Jackson / AFP/Getty Images)

Well, so far, so good. The duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton went into labor — or “labour,” if you’re British — early this morning. With potentially hours to go before we know anything more about the child due to oust Harry from his third-in-line spot, UK newspapers are instead debating how we came to this point.

The Daily Mail cites sources saying that she naturally went into labor while staying at Kensington Palace for the weekend; the Telegraph, noting that she’s an estimated week overdue (which we know how?), claims that her security team “carried out a dummy run” at the hospital last night to see which entrances were being watched by paparazzi, “which is likely to fuel speculation that the Duchess’s admission time was planned in advance.”

Either way, seems she and William managed to make it to the hospital in their two-car entourage before 6 a.m. London time without being photographed.

Our colleague Anthony Faiola has the full story of the morning’s events: Duchess of Cambridge hospitalized, in labor.

And our colleagues at Style Blog have helpfully answered many of the questions in your mind with their Royal Baby FAQ.

How will we know when the royal baby is born? All about the royal easel and other rollout rituals.

And do we all still think it will be a girl? What Kate might have meant in March when she said “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d—.”

Meanwhile, seems like Middleton’s mom might have won the birth-date betting pool. No fair, who let her put in a ballot?

And what do local women giving birth today think about this amazing convergence? They don’t know / don’t care.


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