Amanda Bynes, sigh. You know our thinking about her, right? Her pre-meltdown fame — via a Nickelodeon series and supporting roles in “Hairspray” and “Easy A” — was never great enough to merit the intense news coverage she now receives, post-anything-resembling-a-career, every time she tweets something hateful or wears a weird wig out in public. Like, it’s hard enough being a child star, let alone a mentally-troubled former child star, and at this point, she is an ex-famous person. Sound fair? So we only write about Bynes when she has an actual interaction with the legal system — and, well, here we go again.

Bynes arriving for a hearing at Manhattan Criminal Court earlier this month. (Lucas Jackson / Reuters)

The 27-year-old was taken into custody in Thousand Oaks, Calif., after she was found on the scene of a small fire she apparently set in someone else’s driveway, and held on what’s known in California as a “5150” — a provision that allows police to involuntarily confine someone because of mental health concerns. If it sounds familiar, it’s the same thing that got Britney Spears hospitalized in 2008. Here’s the full AP story: Amanda Bynes held for mental evaluation after allegedly starting fire in California driveway

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