So, did you think that only one baby was born yesterday? Understandable if you did, but you’d be mistaken. There were actually 367,000 babies born around the world yesterday, give or take several thousand. And the royal baby wasn’t even the only famous-person baby. Here’s who else also welcomed VIP babies Monday:

— Josh Romney – Mitt’s No. 3 son – and his wife Jen had a baby boy. The former GOP nominee announced the news via Twitter this morning: “[Ann] and I feel royally blessed.” The odds were good that someone named Romney would have a baby on royal birth day: It’s their 22nd grandchild; already, this year’s Romney Christmas card is on pace to be four kids bigger (at least!) than last year’s.

— Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had their second child, a daughter, reports Hola magazine (via People). If history is any guide, she will be heartbreakingly beautiful, and we look forward to the day when Prince Whatever is putting the moves on Baby Cruz-Bardem at some party in Monte Carlo or the slopes of Gstaad.

Bardem and Cruz in 2010. (Mark Mainz / AP)

— Hillary Scott, lead singer of Lady Antebellum, had a baby girl, and managed to get the news out ahead of the royal announcement, not that you noticed. Her daughter, Eisele (pronounced “EYES-lee”), is named for Scott’s drummer husband’s mother’s maiden name, reports People.

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