The new royal parents made their ceremonial first appearance Tuesday, showing off their new royal baby on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital in London to journalists and fans.

(Leon Neal / AFP/Getty Images)

“He’s a big boy, quite heavy,” said Prince William, holding his day-old son. “We’re still working on a name.”

He and the Duchess of Cambridge murmured other words to the throng — “wonderful,” “very special.” Who does the baby look like? Like her, he said. No, she said, like him. “He’s got more hair than me, thank God,” said William.

(Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters)

“Change your first nappie?” asked someone. “Oh, done that already,” he said.

The couple returned into the hospital’s Lido Wing, only to emerge again minutes later, William carrying the baby in a car seat. The second-in-line carefully placed the third-in-line into an appropriate rear-facing back seat position next to his mother before jumping into driver’s seat of their black station wagon and driving away, presumably to their home at Kensington Palace. See also a story by our London colleague Anthony Faiola: Royal baby leaves hospital

(Bogdan Maran / EPA)
(Bogdan Maran / EPA)

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