Paula in happier times. (AP Photo/Smithfield Foods via PRNewsFoto) Paula in happier times. (AP Photo/Smithfield Foods via PRNewsFoto)


“I said, ‘I’m not ringing no bell.’ That’s a symbol to me of what we used to do back in the day.”


— Dora Charles, a longtime cook for Paula Deen’s Lady & Sons in Savannah, Ga., on the time the Southern foodie celeb asked her to ring a dinner bell in front of the restaurant telling folks to come and get it. Once a close friend, Charles tells the New York Times about racial slurs and diminished opportunities at the restaurant; Deen responds that the dispute is financial and denies Charles’s claim that she once asked another African-American staffer to dress like Aunt Jemima. Read the full story: Paula Deen’s cook tells of slights, steeped in history

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