Readings from the Post and elsewhere:

As the Second Weiner scandal moves into its third day, focus turns to his fiercest defender: His wife. Our colleagues Karen Tumulty and Jason Horowitz report that Huma Abedin found out last fall that her husband had returned to his habit of sexting strangers — he told her — and that she considered leaving him then.

(Associated Press)

She’s also the reason his mayoral campaign exists: Hillary Clinton supporters, who see Abedin as a key figure in a future White House, have grudgingly contributed to the Weiner campaign to stay on her good side.

And now, People is taking another look at the sunny interview the couple gave in July 2012, presenting themselves a year after his resignation as “tested, but healed and happy,” in the magazine’s words – when, in fact, we now know that he kept sexting at least into August of that year. People presents his old quotes so we can all parse them for new meaning.

Example, from July 2012: “Every day since this has happened, I’ve tried to become a better person, a husband that Huma deserves and as good a father as I can be. And I’ve explored every way to try to do those things and I’m committed to continuing on that path.”

Our charitable hindsight interpretation: Notice he merely said “try to.” That covers it, right?

It’s possible Abedin didn’t know what was really going on back then, but if she found out by the fall, it colors a similarly cheery portrait presented in the New York Times magazine this spring — and Tumulty and Horowitz report that she now regrets the impression she gave while “thinking she could maintain some privacy by remaining vague about her marriage.” And that that’s a big reason why she spoke out at Weiner’s press conference Tuesday.

And, whoa — look at the New York Post cover treatment of Abedin. No pun, no joke, just a brutal question.

But back to the husband for a second: Is there a clinical diagnosis for Anthony Weiner’s problem? Experts differ, report our colleagues Lena Sun and Meeri Kim.

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