Teresa Heinz Kerry is home again, three weeks after suffering a seizure-like episode. The secretary of state’s wife was released Saturday from Boston’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

John and Teresa Kerry (Jim Lo Scalza / EPA)

No word yet on what kind of illness befell the ketchup heiress, 74, July 7 at the Nantucket home she shares with John Kerry on July 7. Reps for Kerry said a couple weeks ago that causes such as a brain tumor or stroke had been ruled out but also advised that they would not release more information on her health.

A spokesman told the Boston Globe that Heinz Kerry still needs to rest and undergo outpatient treatmebt before resuming her public and civic duties. Unclear whether she has returned to their Nantucket home or if she’s come back to their place in Washington. In a statement, Kerry said that he’s “extremely grateful for the quality of care Teresa received. . . I’ve always known Massachusetts is blessed to have some of the greatest health care in the world, but we’ve just lived it, and are grateful to all.”

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