Brief news from elsewhere:

(Shannon Stapleton / Reuters)

— Anthony Weiner’s communications director Barbara Morgan (yes, he still has one!) goes on a profane rant to a Talking Points Memo reporter about the campaign intern who dished dirt to the New York Daily News, calling her a “[expletive]” and a “[expletive]” and a “[expletive].” Also, a “[expletive]-bag.” Apparently Morgan thought she was off the record. Apologies ensued. (TPM, Post Politics)

— Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab after three months. This particular stint, in a Malibu treatment center, is her sixth rehab stay. (People)

J.K. Rowling accepts a charitable donation and apology from the law firm whose loose-lipped attorney spilled the beans about the book she secretly wrote under a pen name. (AP)

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