Born: A son, to former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards, 85, and his third wife Trina Scott Edwards, 34, early Thursday. Oh yes, you heard those ages right. (Rod Stewart, eat your heart out.) No name officially announced yet, but before he was born she was already referring to him as Eli. Six pounds, three ounces, she announced on Facebook. His fifth child, her third and their first together after two years of marriage. How’d they meet? She was his prison pen pal while the four-term governor was doing time for bribery and extortion. Earlier this year, the two were talking up their planned reality show, “The Governor’s Wife,” which was supposed to air on A&E, which hasn’t materialized yet – though judging from her chatty, oversharing Facebook feed through labor and delivery (“Holy hell and then there’s the epidural! Ain’t nobody trying to be a hero up in here!”), she’d be really good on TV. (Earlier she described fretting about her pregnancy weight gain to her husband. “He replied ‘well you’ll probably lose 25 when you deliver’ jeez…talk about pressure and being unrealistic!! Lol”)

Update: An earlier version of this post erroneously said the child was born Monday.

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