Our photographer colleague Rebecca D’Angelo goes to a party every week and does her thing for a regular feature in the Sunday Style section called The Scene. This week it was the Sip with Socialites benefit to raise money for Girls Health Ed, Tuesday, July 30 at the Graham Hotel. Want to invite her to your party? Email her at thescene@washpost.com.

The scene on the rooftop.


Michael Megginson, a photographer; Gason Boisson, director of BDA Global, and Lada Rotimi, owner of Around the World.


One third of the Sip with Socialites team: Michele Hudson, founder and mixologist for Butterfly Mixtures; the evening’s chair, Jana Sedlakova, founder You Successful You; Erin M. Lyons, of Biomed Nouvelle; and Sip with Socialites President Eve Edmonds, who said: “We’ve all been friends and in the same circles for years and decided to start a group to socialize, but also to raise money for our pet charities.”


Natasha Yousaf, a physician, and Tricia Kelly, an entrepreneur.


Rebecca Fishman, principal of Mountain Manor Treatment Center, and Freddie Wyatt, director of operations for the Graham Hotel.


Michael Darby, principal and co-founder of Monument Realty, with fiancee Ashley Boalch, who was Miss DC 2011. “I’m a has-been; they just put us out to pasture!” she joked. “She was the best ever and always has been.”


Sarah Elizabeth Hillware, founder and director of Girls Health Ed, who said of the luau theme, “We decided luau because our colors are orange and pink; vibrant, just like we want our girls to be after coming out of our program.”


Adrian Gardner, who works for NASA.


The scene at the party.


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