Also in the Washington Post:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and daughter Liz in 2007. (Gerald Herbert/AP)

— What are Liz Cheney’s chances in next year’s Wyoming senate race? “Who doesn’t want more young, attractive Republican women elected to office? But she sort of picked the wrong opponent,” Republican lobbyist Ed Rogers tells Style’s Rich Leiby on her race against incumbent Mike Enzi. “It’s just too much harsh ambition for people to swallow.” But Cheney’s fans say she no carpetbagger; just raised in the wrong place: “She really is a cowgirl through and through, and raised by accident in Washington,” said family friend Mary Matalin. “Babies don’t move wherever they want; they have to go with their parents.” Cheney, 47, moved from Virginia to Wyoming last year.

— Speaking of Wyoming: Chris Cooley almost moved to his 600 acres there after his on-field career with the Redskins ended last season, but he decided to stay in Washington when he was offered a job as a sports radio host. “I’m on the team flight,” Cooley told our colleague Dan Steinberg. “I get to travel every week with my friends. That was literally the biggest factor in me staying and doing this: I get to hang out with my friends every week.”

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