TV Today Deen No Show Paula Deen appears on the “Today” show to discuss her diabetes in 2012. (Peter Kramer, AP/NBC)

“We’ve seen career resurgences after the show. People go, ‘I remember why I love that person!’

— Tom Bergeron tells Us Weekly why Paula Deen should have appeared on “Dancing with the Stars.” The host of the show thought it was a good idea, but the embattled Southern-fried chef rejected an offer to join the cast next month: “The dance floor is not the appropriate forum for her,” a Deen source told the magazine.


Bristol Palin appears on "Dancing with the Stars" November 1, 2012. (ABC/ADAM LARKEY) Bristol Palin did so well she got asked back for DWTS’s all star edition last year.  (Adam Larkey, ABC)

That didn’t stop Kate Gosselin (rebuilding her brand after a nasty, public split from ex-Jon) and Bristol Palin (out of wedlock baby, secret engagement, broken engagement) from trying to rehab their reputations by dancing into the hearts of their fans. It worked; both got a much needed reboot from the show.

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