Sydney Leathers (Courtesy of GR Media)

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online live discussion — the last of the summer — today at noon. Is this any way for a sex-scandal lady to behave? Actually, yes, if history is any guide, and Sydney Leathers herself has no apologies. Whoa, now here’s a cute couple: Sam Kass and Alex Wagner. A heart stent for Bush 43.  A golfing birthday for Obama‘s 52nd. Nigella Lawson moves on, quickly. Congratulations to former Gov. Edwin Edwards, a dad again at 85. You run into Dave Matthews and Dave Grohl in the damnedest places. Ronan Farrow: Stylin’. Simon Cowell‘s complicated life. What happened to Jack White‘s amicable divorce? Raven-Symone comes out, subltly, via Twitter. Pre-schoolers are more entertained by the Property Brothers than you might guess. And, hmmm, anything else new?

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