Our photographer colleague Rebecca D’Angelo goes to a party every week and does her thing for a regular feature in the Sunday Style section called The Scene. This week it was Saturday’s South Moon Under’s first ever “Summer Spin” private pool party event to celebrate Rock the Vote at the Embassy Row Hotel. Want to invite her to your party? Email her at thescene@washpost.com.

Kamola Pulatova, blogger of 99 Boxes of Shoes on the Wall; Sarita Williams, blogger of The Rabbit’s Overalls; and Katy Napotnik, project coordinater advocacy at DDC Advocacy.

Morgan Fykes, blogger of DC Funemployment, and Jessical Hoy, principal NeuProfile and co-hostess of the event.

Kari Kant, artist, Sylvie Luanghy, director marketing and events at Style & Image Network, and Alain Cohen, co-founder Opnet.

Carmilla R. Preece, owner Bouquets and More, and Lauren Swissman, teacher, make flower headdresses.

Garnet Woodham, real estate developer, and Julian Epstein, democratic pundit.

Kate Michael aka “K Street Kate.”

Meredith Fineman, CEO FinePoint Digital PR and Sophie Blake, jewelry designer.

Cheryl Romero, IT sales, and Kimberly Robinson, owner Makin’ Whooopie.

The crowd hangs out on a not so swimming day.