In July, John Wall signed an $80 million, five-year deal with the Washington Wizards. His next step? Buying a Potomac mansion for $4.9 million.

The NBA point guard, who turns 23 on Friday, traded his downtown apartment for a house big enough for family, friends and the occasional blowout pool party. How big? Big enough that it makes RGIII’s $2.5 million, 9,000-square foot mini-mansion in Loudoun County look like a starter home.

When Wall inked his new deal, he said he was looking for a place that could comfortably accommodate his mom, siblings and other guests visiting Washington. We’ve learned that he settled on an eight bedroom, 12 bath, 17,350 sq. ft. mansion just outside the Beltway and closed two weeks ago.

The two-acre estate has all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect for A-list athletes: Six-car garage, home theater, pool, hot tub with waterfall, outdoor grill and cabana, fitness room, steam room, tennis court, putting green, volleyball court and — in case he wants to bring his work home — an indoor basketball court.

It’s a huge step up from his luxury downtown pad near Verizon Center, where the rookie first lived when he arrived in D.C. “A house is better, in the future, down the road,” he said in 2011. “Right now, I’m satisfied with this.”

For the moment, the modern, open-concept house built in 1988 lacks any of those eccentric touches favored by other D.C. mutltmillionaire players: The famous stripper pole in the home owned by Clinton Portis, the shark tanks and grotto so beloved by Gilbert Arenas.

Wall couldn’t be reached for comment.