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“It was such a shock to learn that it’s not finished, after they let you out of prison. Free! With your bundle under your arm, with the lawyer waiting for you outside. . . And [then] I have to go back to prison, and nobody knows how long. I just could not go through that. And that’s when I decided.”


— Roman Polanski, in a rare interview with Vanity Fair, explaining why he decided to flee the U.S. for Europe, when the filmmaker learned that the judge in his 1977 sexual assault case was considering returning him to prison, instead of probation, after he’d served 42 days. His then-13-year-old victim, Samantha Geimer, told the magazine that while she consented to his plea bargain on lesser charges and later opposed his extradition, the offense was nothing less than rape: “Not only because I was underage, but also because I did not consent. . . [though] that word implies a level of violence that did not occur in my case.”

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