Kim Jong Eun and Ri Sol Ju in Pyongyang last summer. (KCNA via Reuters)

Born: A daughter, Ju-ae, to North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun  and his wife Ri Sol Ju, according to reports from, well, Dennis Rodman, who told the Guardian newspaper Sunday he met the baby on his most recent publicity stunt/social visit to the oppressive dictator. “He’s a good dad,” the retired NBA star declared. This is not the first indication that the Kims had a new addition and an apparent heir to a three-generation dynasty: The AP reports that North Korea watchers noticed Ri (whose own existence was only unveiled to the public about a year ago) was suddenly looking slimmer in January than she had previously.

My dinner with Kim: Rodman shows photos of his latest vacation to reporters in Beijing. (Ng Han Guan / AP)

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