Leo DiCaprio as Wilson? (Fred Prouser / Reuters)

Brief news from here and elsewhere:

Wilson (AP)

Were you a famous American male of the 20th century? Then you will inevitably be played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who has already played Howard Hughes and J. Edgar Hoover and is now linked to a future movie based on A. Scott Berg’s new Woodrow Wilson bio. Not that he looks anything like the 28th president — but what movie star does? (Variety)

Prince Harry spent the night in a freezer — and we spent too much time trying to come up with a riff on “do you have Prince Albert in a can?” and now we’re giving up. (AP)

Oh my goodness, Joni Mitchell broke up with Graham Nash — via a telegram! When? Oh, must have been around 1969. But we’re hearing about it now because Nash has a juicy memoir out. (Style)

Haren (Patrick McDermott / Getty Images)


“We’re going to have to come out and play and have to win a baseball game. As inconsequential as that may seem, we’re going to have to come out and do our jobs.”

— Nationals pitcher Dan Haren on the emotional complexity of having to go back to work today, for the postponed Braves matchup, just five blocks from the Navy Yard shootings. (Sports)

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