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Brief news from here and elsewhere:

Prince Charles, who already holds the record as the longest-waiting heir apparent, has now passed the mark where he will be the oldest person crowned British monarch when that happens. Hey, we should all be so lucky to keep our moms so long. (Telegraph)

Forbes finds yet another way to slice and dice and rank celebrity success, this time with a list of highest-earning VIP couples. Want to take a wild guess? (Forbes)

(Evy Mages for The Washington Post)

And in other business-mag list news, D.C. socialite/defense contractor Lani Hay makes Fortune’s “40 Under 40” list. (Fortune)

Not all false claims of an Aniston pregnancy are created equal, and the star’s rep took the unusual step of hotly denying US Weekly’s new report. (New York Post)

Looking for today’s Reliable Source? Start here: Ted Turner, swaggering billionaire humbled by ‘Lone Sailor’ prize for long-ago Coast Guard stint