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How Madeleine Albright got her Twitter handle, and the story behind her ‘tweet’ pin

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Count on Madeleine Albright to show up this late to the Twitter game and conquer it immediately. Just after 9 a.m. Monday, she debuted on the Beltway’s favorite social media site with a coy little humblebrag — “First of 3 female SecState’s – last to join Twitter. Better late than never!” — and after eight hours and three tweets was already closing in on 18K followers. Renowned for her pin collection, she showed off a new acquisition in the first photo she posted:

Wow — custom-made for the occasion? No, Albright told us in an email. “A few months ago I was waiting for a flight, killing time in the Denver airport gift shop when I came across the ‘tweet’ pin. I’ve been waiting for a special occasion to debut it, and today seemed more than appropriate.”

Now, how about that sleek Twitter handle? Most of us would have a hard time securing our first-name-only, most of them claimed years ago by early adopters. But Albright told us @madeleine just happened to be available and reserved it with the help of Twitter’s support team. “I’m glad to have my own name as my handle,” she said. “I’m even more grateful that it’s actually spelled correctly.”

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