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Michael Douglas says son Cameron is in solitary confinement

Michael Douglas revealed Sunday night — via his Emmys acceptance speech — that his son is cooped up in solitary confinement these days. Onstage, accepting his prize for playing Liberace in “Behind the Candelabra,” his comments about Cameron Douglas were brief and cryptic, saying that he’s “hoping. . . they’ll allow me to see him soon.”

Backstage, though, the star elaborated. His 34-year-old son, a former actor who was sentenced in 2010 for selling meth and possessing heroin, not only had his sentence extended to 10 years after trying to smuggle drugs behind bars, he’s been isolated from the rest of the prison population. “If you happen to have a slip, they punish you,” Douglas said at his press conference, reports the AP. “In my son’s case, he has spent almost two years in solitary confinement.” He added that “I’m questioning the system. . . At first I was certainly disappointed with my son, but I’ve reached a point now where I’m disappointed with the system.” Douglas, who had previously denied that a reported separation from Catherine Zeta-Jones is a sign of marriage troubles, also made a point of thanking his wife.

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