Jacoby Jones (Doug Pensinger / Getty Images) Jacoby Jones (Doug Pensinger / Getty Images)

Between the reluctance of the injured party to speak, the hesitance of a billion-dollar sports franchise to dish dirt and the murkiness of anonymous sources, it’s been difficult to sort out precisely what happened to Jacoby Jones on a Baltimore Ravens-filled party bus in downtown D.C.

But now one self-described participant in the early Monday incident has stepped forward to lend some clarity. A woman identifying herself as “Sweet P” — alleged by TMZ‘s unnamed sources to have whacked the the wide receiver/”Dancing With the Stars” finalist with a champagne bottle — wrote on Twitter overnight that there was no physical fight.

“Jacoby & I had a verbal confrontation & that was it!!! I never hit him with a bottle & I wish [people] would stop spreading lies on the internet.” The woman added that she’s not a stripper, as TMZ and various bloggers claimed, but a waitress.

(How do we know this is really Sweet P? Numerous sports blogs had linked her social media accounts to the TMZ report, and why would she otherwise jump in to defend the honor of a stranger? We tried to reach her at her workplace, Miami’s King of Diamonds, where she describes herself as “#1 Waitress and VIP hostess,” but learned that no one answers the phones at strip clubs during the day.)

The Ravens acknowledged the incident only vaguely, by way of coach John Harbaugh telling the Baltimore Sun that he was disappointed but that Jones was doing fine. D.C. police said they responded to a 3 a.m. incident 15th and I Northwest early Monday and that the injured party declined treatment or to press charges.

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