Brief news from here and elsewhere:

It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights: The Smithsonian’s new resident artists. (Jim Watson / AFP/ Getty Images)

Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and other late-period Muppets take their place at the Smithsonian alongside Kermit, Oscar, etc. Wait — are you telling us Bert and Ernie are only just now being inducted? (AP)

Aw, Lamar Odom defends the Kardashian family against his trash-talking estranged father. It all went down on Twitter, though, so the cameras probably weren’t able to catch it for Season Nine. (People)

Jeffrey Wright sure has some deep thoughts about the Redskins name — and he’s in favor of keeping it. (DC Sports Bog)

“The day after I learned about this, I had to get an emergency root canal, and I don’t have dental insurance. And this was a bill that would have sunk me into a depression. I was still flying high. I think the dentist’s products were superfluous.”

— Karen Russell, the Pulitzer-nominated young author of “Swamplandia!,” on getting the news she has won a MacArthur genius grant. Other winners here too.

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