The ultimate Washington body man: Reggie Love. (Alex Brandon / AP)

Please join the Reliable Source weekly online live discussion today at noon. A brief history of the bag-carrying Washington “body man,” an unlikely stepping stone to big careers. Valerie Plame has written a novel, and guess what it’s about. No, guess! Mark Zuckerberg owes it all to his wife. Can you spell better than a congressman? Ted Turner’s modest story of his Coast Guard service: “It was back in the days of the draft. . . and I liked boats.” Wedding bells for George Soros, and a Washington A-lister ceremony for millionaire Mark Ein. You needed a better college degree to get into Ted Cruz’s study group. Madeleine Albright joins Twitter, with style. Can we ever really know what happens on a Ravens party bus? Some big changes for one of Washington’s splashier galas. Rep. Joaquin Castro and his fiancee are expecting. How Joe Biden ended up on the Rand Paul family Christmas card.

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