Now that Mark Ein and Peter Orszag are off the market, who pray tell could possibly top the list of Washington’s most-eligible bachelors?

Oh wait. Did we say “most eligible”? Whatever that means, it seems that “Inside Edition” was looking for something other than self-made fortunes or state dinner tickets when it set off in search of “D.C. Hottest Bachelor.” That line about making sure “the nominees are shirtless” should have been our tip-off. A photo shoot Wednesday at the U Street rooftop pool of Vida Fitness drew a more eclectic crowd: A magician, a martial-arts instructor, a NASA bureaucrat and, um, an investigative reporter. Hot.

A magician, a television reporter, a professional football player -- they are all on Inside Edition's list of "D.C.'s Hottest Bachelors." (Cara Kelly and Nicki DeMarco/The Washington Post)

But hey, here’s one kind-of-famous shirtless guy!

“I would prefer not to be here,” Lawrence Sidbury joked to our colleague Cara Kelly. The Indianapolis Colts linebacker said he was back home in Prince George’s County while recovering from a pre-season shoulder injury, and the photo shoot was a chance “to break-up some of the monotony of sitting down watching TV and reading books.”

Russ Ptacek was similarly sheepish. The WUSA9 reporter gave Kelly the line about being  an awkward kid, and how it wasn’t until his hair turned white that he started getting the “you look really good for your age.”

Sooo, “D.C. Hot Bachelor, tell us about your D.C. dating life!

“I’ve been incredibly busy,” Ptacek sighed. “We have just in the past few months gotten our investigative unit to full staff.”

Sidbury said that his career generally keeps him far from the DMV dating scene. But when he does visit, his agent insisted, “he has his options.”

“D.C. offers a lot,” Sidbury conceded.

The Inside Edition special airs on Friday at 3:30 p.m. Fans can vote for their favorite bachelor on their Web site, before the winner is announced Monday.

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