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“Girls want to be reassured — which is not to say that all people don’t, but I think women especially. I mean, even though I know those are just [expletives] who don’t know what they’re talking about. . . in my insides it really hurts that they don’t like me.”

Janis Joplin on dealing with criticism, in a newly restored interview with a Village Voice reporter from September 1970, just four days before she died. Showing a surprisingly sensitive side, the bluesy chanteuse defended the fact that she didn’t have any other women in her band: “I don’t want any chicks on the road with me. I’ve got enough competition! I like to be around men.” PBS Digital Studios released the interview in animated form this week as part of its delightful “Blank on Blank” series. (Previously: Wilt Chamberlain on his height, 5/16/13; James Brown on Ronald Reagan, 5/28/13; Farrah Fawcett on confronting a mugger, 7/10/13)

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