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Brief news from here and there: 

— That Kanye West-Jimmy Kimmel Twitter feud has been lost to history, at least the Kanye end of it. God, we hope someone thought to retweet it for posterity. (New York Daily  News)

— Heard any good Shutdown pickup lines lately? (Post Local, Twitter)

— If Benicio del Toro and Cameron Diaz went to a party together — and brought along their manager-in-common — is it a real date-date? (New York Post)

— Is it more surprising that Bob Dylan is possibly not going to his secret daughter’s wedding, or that Bob Dylan’s secret daughter has a future mother-in-law who is blabbing to the tabloids? If you’re a true Dylan fan, the having-a-secret-daughter part is old news. (Daily  News)

“Many, many people in the world think that I did break up The Beatles. Instead of using my energy and my time trying to correct them, I’m just going on writing songs.”

— Yoko Ono speaking to the Atlantic Wire about Jay-Z’s name-check of her in a new song.

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