(Brendan McDermid / Reuters)

Brief news from here and elsewhere:

Not only has CNN pulled the plug on a Hillary Clinton documentary that was kicking up controversy, now NBC has called off its miniseries starring Diane Lane as the 2016 contender. And we hadn’t even finished casting our ideal Bill Clinton yet! Fear not: As far as we know, the indie film about young Hillary is still on. (Post Politics)

Drake has been named a “team ambassador” for the Toronto Raptors. This seems to involve a lot of NBA all-access passes, as opposed to, say, diplomatic immunity. (AP)

Ray Parker Jr. alleges he was robbed of millions in profits from his world-dominating hit “Ghostbusters.” Noted: Last year in Washington, he bragged about how the song put his kids through college. (TMZ)

Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson didn’t just lose the studio money when they filmed box-office bomb “How Do You Know” — they caused the District to lose money, via the tax incentives to film here. (WBJ)

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