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“I never cook with sun-dried tomato. That’s a pickle!”


Marcella Hazan, in one of her many fierce dictates about good practices in cooking. You want to hear more? The biologist-turned-ambassador for Italian cuisine was a neverending font of this stuff. On American grocery stores: “The food was dead, wrapped in plastic coffins.” On using too much garlic: “The single greatest cause of failure in would-be Italian cooking.” On tomato-hued pasta: “I’ve lost the war on this.” Hazan, 89, died this week in Florida from emphysema and arterial blockage, and our colleague Bonnie Benwick’s obituary of her will leave you hungry for more: Cookbook author Marcella Hazan dies at 89. Also, from AP: Influential Italian chef and cookbook author. And to sate your cravings: Marcella Hazan gets D.C. tributes: Restaurant dishes by chefs inspired by her.

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